flatpack2 likeretter

Flatpack standalone, approved for marine and offshore, is developed as an ultracompact solution for Flatpack2 rectifiers. All rectifiers in the Flatpack2 series is compatible.

Custom made and DNV approved

The mounting chassis is custom made for maritime systems and upholds noise and vibration demands.

Power density

By using Flatpack2 you do not only get the compact design of the system, but also the best power density on the marked.

Temperature control

The air throughput from front, through the module, with heat fins integrated in the chassis provides the modules with the best possible operation environment and avoids limitations for expanding and adding extra system solutions.

Plug– and-Play

By using so-called plug-and-play connections on the modules you reduce downtime and optimalize the availability of the system.

Advanced battery control

The control module Smartpack provides an extensive surveillance of the batteries with all the necessary alarms, and grafic presentation of the battery status.

Temperature controlled charging

The battery lifespan is optimalized by temerature controlled charging (adapted to each batterysupplier and model)

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